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Audiobook Announcement

I personally believe one of the best things to happen to authors in the virtual formatting world is the audiobook. As for me, I know that I wouldn't have been able to enjoy as many books as I have if the digital audiobook format didn't exist. They are the perfect way to fill in the time if you're on the road or travel as much as I do. While I don't have a problem with reading books when time allows, I've always liked to have stories told to me. I think quite a lot of people feel the same because audiobooks are extremely popular in today's world.

Anyone who has ever listened to an audiobook knows that a great narrator can make even the most mediocre book sound amazing; and as well, a bad narrator can kill an otherwise fantastic book. I know of several books I was excited to listen to and I had to quit because I couldn't stand the narrator's voice or I didn't like how they handled dialog. Go take a look on and you'll see the authors who have chosen the best narrator for their book, will in turn get raving reviews; and vice-versa.

When I first heard Kevin Pierce's voice it was when I listened to Franklin Horton's A Borrowed World. Then I listened to Glen Tate's 299 Days, a series also narrated by Kevin. After that, books by Tom Abrahams and Bobby Akart, also narrated by Kevin. It was obvious to me that he was making quite a name for himself and I couldn't help but wonder what it would be like at that point to hear Kevin's voice, telling my stories. I knew without a doubt that he'd do nothing short of a phenomenal job.

I've had so many dreams become reality lately it's nearly overwhelming. So, what's one more, right?

I'm both humbled and enthused to announce that the audiobook of What's Left of My World will be produced by none other than Kevin Pierce himself. As far as timing goes, we're looking at a release date sometime in March 2017. So stay tuned. I'll announce the moment it releases.

For more information on Kevin, or to take a listen to the many samples of his narration, check his website out at Also, you can read his success story here.

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