Audiobook Announcement

I personally believe one of the best things to happen to authors in the virtual formatting world is the audiobook. As for me, I know that I wouldn't have been able to enjoy as many books as I have if the digital audiobook format didn't exist. They are the perfect way to fill in the time if you're on the road or travel as much as I do. While I don't have a problem with reading books when time allows, I've always liked to have stories told to me. I think quite a lot of people feel the same because audiobooks are extremely popular in today's world.

Anyone who has ever listened to an audiobook knows that a great narrator can make even the most mediocre book sound amazing; and as well, a bad narrator can kill an otherwise fantastic book. I know of several books I was excited to listen to and I had to quit because I couldn't stand the narrator's voice or I didn't like how they handled dialog. Go take a look on and you'll see the authors who have chosen the best narrator for their book, will in turn get raving reviews; and vice-versa.

When I first heard Kevin Pierce's voice it was when I listened to Franklin Horton's A