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In the beginning, C.A.Rudolph created stories on a 128k Apple compatible personal computer.  On the second day, he--

Ok, that sounds plagiarized.  Let's try this again.

Truth is, I've always been a storyteller.  It's a gift I graciously inherited from my that she received from her own mother.  I know this to be true, not only because I know my mom would never lie to me, but because I was present many times when my grandmother would tell my brother and me stories when we'd spend the night at her house.  We'd simply ask her to tell us a story before bed, and she was always able to invent one on cue.  It was, and still is, and impressive trait.

While I'm no stranger to telling stories verbally, my gift has always been a little different...being that, it exists in the written word, mostly in the form of prose.  The first time I sat down and began writing was when I was first inspired to write--when I was 15 years old, just after the Los Angeles riots that followed the Rodney King verdict.  My story was about a group of vigilante crime fighters, known as The Eradicators.  I've always been a comic book fan, and I felt my chosen genre therefore, was superhero fiction.  I didn't write the story in prose, however, because I'd never been formally taught how to do that.  So, it was written more or less, as a screenplay, including dialog that was written using colons.  :)  Very, very simpleton.  But hey, I was 15.  The story was saved periodically onto a floppy disk (5 1/4", not 3.5"), and ended up being around a dozen chapters before I started driving and discovering the opposite sex.  My father subsequently sold the computer, as well as the disks, and the entire story was lost.  I did however, somehow manage to find some of it printed on dot-matrix paper several years later.  I still have the pages.

During my junior year of high school, I was blessed to have an english teacher who pressed each and every one of us to become excellent communicators.  

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