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What's Left of My World is FREE on Kindle 4/24 - 4/28/17

From Monday, April 24th until Friday April 28th, I'm running a 5-day Kindle "Free Book" Promotion. What's Left of My World, my Best-Selling post-apocalyptic / dystopian novel will be FREE for 5 DAYS to anyone who wants it! Check it out on Amazon here, and share this with all your friends so they can grab it while it's free!

It's been getting some great reviews lately. Here's a few of my favorites so far:


Mr. Rudolph has entered the ranks of top rated dystopian authors with a bang. This novel is a first class piece of work. Well thought through and perfectly proofed and edited, it proved especially hard to put down. Thank you Mr. R. Looking forward to the next installment.

Similar to other EOTWAWKI (End Of The World As We Know It) books, but the characters are engaging, the story is well set and the message is being clearly laid out. Looking forward to the next in series.


Now, perhaps my favorite of review thus far, was actually written on my birthday. Thanks so much, PMSteve for the fantastic review, terrific synopsis of the story, and such a great birthday present! I never thought I'd take the words "thoroughly depressing" as a compliment...but in this case, I do appreciate it!


Thoroughly depressing, but that's good! Whenever I read a post-apocalyptic novel that's worth reading, it makes me depressed. What's Left of My World had me completely depressed... but totally captivated. The story is about a family living in their cabin in the backwoods of West Virginia, after an EMP has obliterated the electronic infrastructure of the country. They live as their ancestors lived. Gardening, hunting, hauling water from the stream and lighting with candles and cooking on a wood-fired stove. They have to protect themselves from varmints, both the four and two legged variety. There's the takers. Those who find it easier to steal from their dead victims than work to support themselves. Now there is an even bigger threat. The Homeland Security and FEMA camps have sprung up. They turn honest citizens into criminals because they choose to defend themselves and have supplies of food to help themselves through the crisis. If these folks don't submit to the DHS authorities, they're executed and their property seized. Like I said. This is a depressing story, but one that I can see happening in an uncertain future. The tone the author sets is one of urgency and hopelessness. But also one of deep patriotism. The protagonists are ordinary people who seem to thrive in harsh circumstances. They are more than able to protect themselves in the new world they find themselves in. The main character, Lauren Russell is 18, and has been taught and trained by her father to shoot and keep her head in trying circumstances. She's a tough young woman who fights tooth and nail to protect herself and her family. My favorite characters are a senior couple in the FEMA camp, Faith and Sam. They're smart, brave and have an unbridled faith in God. They know that the camp has a policy of executing troublemakers, even if the 'trouble' is questioning authority. They call it 'Humane Execution'. Others call it murder. This book is depressing. You'll love it.

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