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FREE Audiobook! Audible's 30-Day Trial

Choose What's Left of My World as your first FREE audiobook from Audible!

I've been asked about this a few times recently, so here's a quick post concerning Audible's 30-day Trial Membership and the free Audiobook that comes along with it.

How does it work? (Click any one of the cover images to see - unless you're already an Audible member...the link only works if you're not logged in)

Choose This We Will Defend as your first FREE audiobook from Audible!

1) It costs you nothing unless you decide to stay. (which you should most definitely do)

2) You get a free audiobook of your choice when you join.

3) When you become a new Audible Listener, it pays the author and the narrator of your chosen free audiobook a "bounty" payment.

Choose We Won't Go Quietly as your first FREE audiobook from Audible!

To be clear: this is a win-win-win for all parties involved. You pay nothing up front, get an audiobook to listen to at no cost to you, and you get to support your favorite authors and narrators in the process. And, since we love you for it, we keep writing and producing more books and audiobooks for you and others like you.

All you have to do is click the link, sign up and start listening. There's no obligation to remain a member, but that's the tricky part. After you listen to your first book on Audible, it's hard not to want another. The monthly plans are affordable and it doesn't cost much to upgrade after you've already purchased the Kindle format of the book. So why wait? Go ahead. Click!

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