Sharing reader feedback

After sifting through my Amazon reviews yesterday, (and taking them to heart, as most new authors do--which is never a good idea) I happened to check my email upon rising this morning, where I saw this, along with a few others:

I read your first novel over the past 2 or 3 days and just wanted to compliment you on a job well done, a book well-written. Your character development with Lauren, Michelle, Grace, Norman, Fred, John, Christian and the others was pretty thorough without dragging or being overdone. It was easy comprehend and to identify with their personalities and the emotional roller coaster they endured with the stress and crises they encountered and lived with daily. Moreover, they seemed alive, real and completely believable. I should also mention that you handled the dialogue well – simple, the right degree of colloquialism, emotion, reflection of the characters’ personalities, and a definite, crucial asset in getting the story told in a way that keeps the reader absorbed.

Bottom line is: I thoroughly enjoyed the book and really look forward to your upcoming work. You definitely have a gift for storytelling in prose, and an instinct for the elements of a good tale that the reader will enjoy and with which he’ll find a connection. Your choice of subject and setting is altogether too real and imm