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Dear Mr Rudolph:

This book is extraordinary, not only for your very obvious intellect and advocacy of self preservation, but for your interest in survival, family, leadership, and especially because of your love for nature, family, and for humanity in this troubled world.

You are certainly an inspiration for writing this survival book and my only wish is that sequels were not such a time-consuming, difficult task. It shall be a very long wait for your first sequel!

WHAT'S LEFT OF MY WORLD exceeds any five-star rating and should probably be rated in the 100-star range. I have read many survivalist stories and this book provides a quintessential lesson for all of us to learn and be grateful for.

Thank you for your leadership, writing skills, and teaching us how to prepare for the future, our families and friends. It is a "must" for all to read.

Kind regards,

Bill (Last name omitted)


Thank you, Bill. Your words mean the world to me.

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