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My first-ever Thrill Ride as an "Indie" Author

Post-Apocalyptic Fiction

When I began planning and writing What's Left of My World, I had no idea it would attract the attention it's been getting lately. Beginning nearly two weeks ago, and every day ever since, the Kindle version of WLOMW has been listed as an Amazon Best-Seller in both post-apocalyptic and dystopian fiction genres. It's made it as high as #5 in both genres, and it is currently ranked with, and exchanging places with some other very well known best-selling authors' books, all of whom I'm a big fan of. It is mind numbing to see my book on the same best seller page as William Forstchen's latest book, The Final Day, which is his third installment in the One Second After series. Anyone who has read What's Left of My World knows that One Second After had a major effect on me and was a major influence for me to begin writing on a more professional level.

I never worried much about my best-seller status until I saw that I made it to #12, but ever since, I check it several times a day. I am so pleased with the reception What's Left of My World is getting.

I cannot thank my readers enough for helping make my dreams come true.

And, as I've promised, book #2 is enroute. The title and cover will be revealed sometime in March 2017, and I'll make it available for pre-order as well.

Thanks again!

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