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What's Left of My Sanity

Last Wednesday's shooting in an Alexandria ballpark hit really close to home for me. It occurred in an area I'm very familiar with about one mile away from a job site I was visiting.

I'm afraid to say, this isn't going to be the last time we see this type of event. It's become all to prevalent now due to the violent narrative brought about by the radical left. It's going to get worse, and along with it, the gun control narrative will also escalate, as it always does when a shooting occurs.

A guy walks onto a baseball field, and reportedly asks people "Who's on the field now? Republicans or Democrats?"

When he's told the former, he retrieves an SKS and a 9mm pistol, and precedes to open fire into the field.

But his motives weren't politically motivated.

His Facebook profile is public--and is inundated with anti-conservative, anti-Trump rhetoric. So much so, that when it gains international attention, Facebook removes his profile.

He worked for Bernie Sanders's campaign.

But his motives weren't politically motivated.

Not long after the shooting, Gov. McAuliffe made a speech from atop his high horse--riding on the anti-gun saddle at that--and said that 93 million people are shot each day. And then he repeated himself--twice--before being corrected; the whole time looking like he hadn't taken his anti-seizure meds in a few days.

But the anti-gun/gun control narrative isn't being swayed.

Gov. McAuliffe also mentioned that there are too many guns on the streets in his state.

Yet, if it weren't for a gun, the shooter wouldn't have been put down.

But the anti-gun/gun control narrative isn't a factor, even though it's the first thing mentioned out of the mouths of every democrat politician and all liberal media outlets after a shooting such as this.

After watching the bystander video of the shooting, I got into a tiff with a man on Facebook who claimed that the SKS wasn't augmented to accept magazines--because eye-witnesses said they saw the shooter reload multiple times.

I didn't argue; for all I knew, it hadn't been. My reply concerned the proximity of the eye-witnesses to the shooter--obviously if they'd seen him reload and knew that it wasn't a standard SKS, they were close enough to differentiate a top load with a clip versus a bottom load with a magazine.

No reply.

I asked then, if they were close enough to see the actual reloads, why didn't they act and stop him? Opportunity knocks when the shooter goes empty...

Again, no reply.

Personally, if I were to go somewhere to do something similar to what Hodgkinson did, and I knew that statistically speaking, 25% or more of the attendees were packing...I think I'd find another place to take my planned killing spree; since it meant that I would most likely die in the process because of some Joe Schmoe with a Glock.

I don't think he was suicidal. I just think he was brainwashed. He chose hate and violence over...tolerance; something that the radical left preaches all day long, but couldn't care less about.

I think what makes me the most proud is that in the end, it took a gun to put down a gunman--the exact reason why we own guns in the first place. Second amendment-schmecond amendment. Guns are the best deterrent and the ultimate equalizer. They level the playing field. Had that gun not been there, in the hands of someone trained to shoot it, the gunman could've gone on a rampage--undeterred until he ran out of ammunition, or ran out of targets.

But this is what vexes me: In Virginia, it's pretty easy to get a CHP--provided you're not a felon, or a dishonorable d/c, or have some violent crime on your record. But do you mean to tell me, that during the rampage--no one (private citizen) in the entire area had a gun? Not one single person? Not a single CHP holder?

Wait. That's right. It's northern Virginia. Alexandria. Where liberals vote for liberals and where liberals rule for...themselves.

Ask me again why I buy guns, shoot guns, train with guns, and carry them everywhere.

I miss Virginia. The Old Dominion, not the new one.

Facts are facts, people. Yet again, the one thing it took to stop a bad guy with a gun was a good guy with a gun. You can't pass laws and expect it to stop crime. If that were the case, no one would murder, rape or kidnap. No one would do drugs either, because all those thing are already very much illegal and punishable by imprisonment. Laws only affect the good guys who abide by them. Laws will never stop evil, and you cannot fight violence with kindness.

There's only one reason they want to ban guns. And if you don't know that reason, you're not doing enough research.

By the way, I feel (like a lot of others do) that facts should sway opinion, not the other way around. Attached are some facts:

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